General Information

General information

 “Emission” project lies at the intersection of such sciences as physics, biology and medicine. It’s devoted to developing the technology of remote transfer of super weak electromagnetic emissions (SWEME, “emission”) of biologically active substances (BAS) via of communication lines with further SWEME transfer to a temporary carrier. After that procedure the temporary carrier can be used as a source of biologically active SWEME for specific effect on water and aqueous systems.

This project combines the following natural phenomena:

Biological objects emit super weak electromagnetic signals (SWEMS). By means of such emission they have an effect on other living systems in a certain manner. SWEMS can be emitted also by non-living systems, for example chemical compounds. Super weak signals of chemical compounds have an effect on biosystems and water. Under the influence of SWEME the water changes its physical properties and becomes able to have the same effect on biological object as well as the substance which SWEME was used. It is possible to transfer SWEME to some substance (temporary carrier) in such a way that this substance further becomes the SWEME source with the same features.

The “Emission” project now stands on the stage of implementing into wide practice the usage of SWEME of BAS for treatment and prophylaxis of various diseases. To achieve that, several technical issues were solved: the technical centers were equipped, in which “emissions” of medicines are downloaded; web-sites in different languages were designed and launched (,,, etc.), they allow any person at the planet to receive the “emissions” from the technical centers with the help of computer, connected to the internet. For the moment, our doctors have performed more than 4000 tests and clinical observations for the patients treated by the water with the properties of medicines. The results of studies show high efficiency and harmlessness in comparison with the chemical analogs. Scientists from around the world are fixing by various methods the fact of the “emission” transfer at a distance through the communication lines and investigating the effectiveness of its impact on biological objects. Information is on the site

Besides applied use of the aforementioned phenomena this project is focused on fundamental research of the impact caused by natural super weak electromagnetic emissions of biologically active substances on water and the effects it causes in biological objects, as well as on possible long-range transmission of emission, which is characteristic for these substances, by means of informative-communicative networks. To achieve this goal, scientists from different countries representing various branches of science are cooperating and try to experimentally prove that these phenomena exist and have crucial practical importance. The obtained experimental results serve as a basis for already existing and developing system, which allows to use super weak electromagnetic emissions in medicine, agriculture and veterinary science by adding to or replacing conventional methods and approaches.

Please read the additional materials:

- Background of the project (scientific basis).

- Our Team.

- The results of scientific research and clinical trials.

- Summary of the process of the emission transfer.

- The prospects of the project and its current status.

- Proposal for cooperation.

Links to the video on the “Emission” project:

• Project on the TV (4:21 min)

• Video-review from the conference of the DST Foundation, 29 September 2012 (3:32 min)

• Video-review from the conference in Vermont (USA), October 2012 (4:36)

• Report about scientific base of “Emission” project presented by V. Voeikov, Dr., professor of Moscow State University

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    The essence of the “Emission” project is the possibility to transmit emission (properties) of organic and inorganic substances and biological objects remotely via communication lines using Internet addressing system.

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