Emissions of remedies

Full list of emissions of pharmaceuticals and curative plants: Actovegin, Allergy treatment, Arbidol, Deltaran, Dilacor, Esentiale, Fosamax, Liver treatment, Noni, Prednisolone, Preductal, Samprost, Soursop, Ursosan, Weight loss complex.


IC Medicines: download your remedy from the Internet

by DST Foundation

Developing knowledge about using new form of pharmaceuticals. Cheap, accessible medicines with no side effects and contraindications.

Our notions of the physical reality can never be final. We must always be ready to change these notions

Albert Einstein

“The World As I See It”


We are an international team of scientists, doctors and managers.

For 5 years we’ve been working on the technology of large-scale usage of informational copies (emissions) of remedies. It’s a new, effective, non-chemical form of pharmaceuticals with no side effects and contraindications. We have applied for patenting it in January 2012 (patent application PCT/RU2012/000033, WO 2013/112066 A2) – “Form of remedies without side effects and the method of its preparation”.

The aim of the project: providing opportunity for any person to use new form of remedies without side effects and contraindications. We wish that anyone can use the phenomenon created by nature

The new form of remedies can be used if:

1. The intake of chemical preparations causes side effects and/or allergy, resistance

2. Chemical preparations are not available or too expensive.

3. You want to take a preparation for diseases prophylaxis.

IC Medicines is an alternative and supplement to the existing methods of treatment.

What is the technology?

The technology is based on the observed phenomena:

All substances have their unique properties. Every substance is energy structured in a certain order. Structure is information.

1. If one puts a substance in water, and then makes a number of dilutions to the extent when not a single molecule of the substance is left in water, this water will still have properties different from normal water. This phenomenon is called “memory of water” – the ability of water to keep the information about the substance that interacted with it.

2. If one puts hermetic ampule with a substance into water and keep it there for a while, the water changes its properties. Information about the substance is transmitted to the water without direct contact. An essential requirement for such transmission is external electromagnetic emission.

3. Using the developed technology, one can transmit informational copy (emission) of the substance to another object - a temporary holder. An external electromagnetic field is necessary for such transmission.

4. We have developed a technology that allows to transfer informational copies (emissions) from one temporary holder to another at any distance via communication lines.

Therefore: informational copies (emissions) can be transmitted on a temporary holder and then transferred at any distance – to another temporary holder – to make an impact on a human body.

Scientific base of the project.

How the technology works:

We have resolved complex technical issues of transferring informational copies (emissions) via communication lines.

There are technical centers with equipment where the informational copies (emissions) of pharmaceuticals are downloaded. They are reloaded every month.

Our main results:

1. All the infrastructure of the project is created and developed on private finances of the project’s founders and non-profit charitable organization DST Foundation.

2. IN VIVO research on animals (mice) have shown that the new form of preparations (Dexon (dexamethasone), Prozac, Arbidol (immunocorrector), L-thyroxine and others) provide the same effect as chemical preparations but much more slowly. One shouldn’t expect instantaneous effect as from chemical preparations. But using the informational copy, a patient can gradually decrease the dosage of the original preparation.

3. We have developed methods of registering informational copies (emissions) with standard physical devices. IC is not recorded on CD (temporary holder) in a common sense. CD is an object that can accept the transferred emission and become the source of emission for a certain period.

You can find the results of laboratory research here.

4. Clinical observations of 4501 patients, who took remedies in a new form, have shown that in 91% of cases this treatment had positive effect. No side effects were indicated during 2 years of observations.

The analysis of our doctors’ reports have shown that the new form of remedies is most effective in the treatment of the following diseases:

Rooted gastroduodenitis, including rooted erosive gastroduodenitis,

Omez, Duspatalin, No-spa, Hydrated fullerene

…combined with Helicobacter pylori

Omez, Sumamed, Doxycycline, Ciprolet

Peptic ulcer (gastric and duodenum)

Omez, Duspatalin, No-spa, Hydrated fullerene, Sumamed, Doxycycline, Ciprolet

Biliary dyskinesia

Duspatalin, Pancreatin, "Liver treatment" complex, Hydrated fullerene, Heptral, Ursosan,, Essentiale

Gall bladder polyposis


Cystic hepatic disorders

Duspatalin, Pancreatin, "Liver treatment" complex, Hydrated fullerene, Heptral, Ursosan,, Essentiale, Galavit, Soursoup, Noni, Valtrex, Ciprolet

Irritable bowel syndrome with bacterial overgrowth

Duspatalin, Sumamed, Doxycycline, Valtrex, Soursoup, Ciprolet, Linex


Glucophage, Victoza, "Weight loss" complex


Atorvastatin, Crestor, "Weight loss" complex

High blood pressure

Discirculatory encephalopathy

Vegetovascular dystonia

Arterial hypertension

Ischemic heart disease


Dilacor, Crestor, Preductal, Atorvastatin, Zolpidem, Trental, Plavix, "Weight loss" complex

Acute viral infections and their prophylaxis

Arbidol, Ambroxol, Paracetamol, Nurofen

An individual complex of preparations can be selected depending on the combinations of the patient's diseases

You can find the results of clinical observations here.

5. Information about the project was presented on many international conferences in the USA, Italy, Switzerland, Ukraine, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria.

On the Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water (Conference Chair – Gerald Pollack, University of Washington, USA) the project was presented in talks and posters. You can find the materials of the conference here.


How you can help the project:

A lot of work is already done, and now more research is necessary to prove the technology, which will allow to transmit the informational copies of remedies from technical center anywhere in the world and use them for treatment.

1. You can donate to IN VIVO research on animals (mice) of new non-chemical from of the most broadly used remedies with prominent side effects and contraindications.

2. We’re opened for partnership. If you’re investor, businessman, doctor or scientist you can join the research – experiments with physical and biological methods. Please contact us info@dst-fund.com.

3. Share the information about the new form of remedies with your friends and family – send them this link: www.newpharm.com , www.dst-fund.com

You can try the prototype now. Directions:

Preparations catalogue

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I use a laptop without a CD-room or a tablet?

The research was held when the disk was put on a keyboard of a laptop and the effect was still observed.

2. How is your electromagnetic emission transmitted from your site to my CD? During those 12 minutes no visible data were downloaded. What’s the source of the emission in my computer? Please explain.

The emission is transferred not from the website, but from technical center connected to the site. CD-room does not perform its standard function. It’s not a downloading in its regular meaning (saving files with a laser). The emission is received by the computer in general. The material of the disk is used (plastic, aluminum) to accept the emission of the chosen preparation. The disk is one of possible temporary holders of the emission. In some research other substances are suggested: glass, wax, sugar. We chose CD because it’s standardized and easily accessible for most of the people. Standardization gives a possibility to repeat experiments with the same conditions. You can find more information about the scientific base of the project via this link. It was found out during the experiments that 12 minutes is the time necessary to accept the emission.

Other FAQ …

Other fields of application of informational copies (emissions) of biologically active substances.

Besides medicine, the technology can be used in veterinary, fish-farming, agriculture and other fields.

According to preliminary results of research, informational copies (emissions) have positive effect if transmitted on food (bread, diary products, honey, wine) and cosmetics. After the transmission these substances acquire the properties of the sources of emission.

The research has proved that the emissions have high bactericidal and antimicrobial activity. For example, bread with emission of Glucophage gets mouldy later than control samples.

Additional research of these fields is necessary.

Everyone can conduct his own experiments using the method described above. We can answer any questions about the methodology.

Please send your results to info@dst-fund.com

Thank you for your contribution to the project that will change people’s life! It’s time to think outside the box!

Additional information.

1. Scientific preconditions, results of experiments, our team etc.

2. Presentation of the technology on the Conference “Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water” 2013

Videos about the project “Emission”:

1. Television about the project

2. DST Foundation conference 2012

3. Confirmation of the phenomena existence

4. Scientific base of the project, professor Vladimir Voeikov, 2012

5. Presenting new results, professor Vladimir Voeikov, 2013

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