Emissions of remedies

Full list of emissions of pharmaceuticals and curative plants: Actovegin, Allergy treatment, Arbidol, Deltaran, Dilacor, Esentiale, Fosamax, Liver treatment, Noni, Prednisolone, Preductal, Samprost, Soursop, Ursosan, Weight loss complex.


The Nano-dialysis project consists of two parts. The first part is the device for nano-separation of biological fluids (blood, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid, peritoneal fluid) from a broad range of toxins, including endo- and exo-toxins of average and high molecular weight and of peptide nature. These toxins cannot be removed by the modern means of hemodialysis and hemosorption. The second part is the multifunctional, magneto-guided sorbents.

Field of application:

Purification of biological fluids from low-, medium- and high – molecular toxins that cannot be removed by means of the existing methods of hemodialysis and hemosorption. Unlike the existing methods, nano-separation complex has the following advantages:

• High performance

• Simple instrumentation

• Low prime cost of the device and procedure

• Reduction of the treatment procedure time by half

• Reduction of side-effects

• Reduction of the device size

The nano-separation device is patented in the US:

• № 6,616,623

• № 5,980,479

and is currently at the PCT stage:

• PCT/RU 2004/000366 (Nationalization: USA-10/575,830; Europe-04788527.2)

• PCT/RU 2004/000367 (Nationalization: USA-10/576,039; Europe-04788528.0) 

  • Emission

    The essence of the “Emission” project is the possibility to transmit emission (properties) of organic and inorganic substances and biological objects remotely via communication lines using Internet addressing system.

  • Artificial Blood Substitute

    Authors of the invention: Ph.D. Biology, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Kuznetsova Irina and Ph.D. Medicine Evgeny Maevsky. AT300 was developed on the basis of the Russian Scientific-Research Institute of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine, St. Petersburg.

  • Cancer treatment

    Dissymetric therapy (anisotropizing) tinctorial therapy (DST) – is an innovative method of oncological diseases treatment. It is based on the theory of Professor Kutushov about the causes of cancer and it's development.