About the method

Emissions of remedies

Full list of emissions of pharmaceuticals and curative plants: Actovegin, Allergy treatment, Arbidol, Deltaran, Dilacor, Esentiale, Fosamax, Liver treatment, Noni, Prednisolone, Preductal, Samprost, Soursop, Ursosan, Weight loss complex.

“...our notions of the physical reality can never be final. We must always be ready to change these notions.”

Albert Einstein.

Development of technical progress provided mankind with amazing possibilities.

Using the Internet, cell phones, computers, medical equipment (tomography, ultrasound, etc.), we don’t think about how and why they work. What is important for us is the result.

The influence of the super-weak electromagnetic emissions of the substances on human body is known from the beginning of the previous century. But technology necessary for development of methods and devices to make the practical application of these electromagnetic emissions possible, appeared only recently.

The clinical trials conducted have shown that super-weak emissions of pharmaceuticals and medicinal plants have the same curative effect on human body as the remedy itself. We have created a technical center and assembled equipment that allows transmission of the remedy emissions in automatic mode.

DST Foundation in cooperation with scientists and doctors offer the newest technology for the intake of medical preparations in the new form.

You can receive emissions of the pharmaceutical preparations and medicinal plants. On our informational website you can choose, order and receive emissions from the proposed list.

Possessing the necessary experience, our consulting doctors will help you to follow the instructions in the User Manual and will answer your questions.

Anyone can trial the effectiveness of the new form of remedies without any financial expenditure.

The Scientific Committee of the DST Foundation. 

  • Emission

    The essence of the “Emission” project is the possibility to transmit emission (properties) of organic and inorganic substances and biological objects remotely via communication lines using Internet addressing system.

  • Artificial Blood Substitute

    Authors of the invention: Ph.D. Biology, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Kuznetsova Irina and Ph.D. Medicine Evgeny Maevsky. AT300 was developed on the basis of the Russian Scientific-Research Institute of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine, St. Petersburg.

  • Cancer treatment

    Dissymetric therapy (anisotropizing) tinctorial therapy (DST) – is an innovative method of oncological diseases treatment. It is based on the theory of Professor Kutushov about the causes of cancer and it's development.